Antminer S19 Pro

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro For Sale

Antminer S19 Pro For Sale

We have used and new immediate Antminer S19 95TH, S19 Pro 110 & S19j 90TH – 104TH and Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd. 198TH/s miners. The mining hardware models are available in China, Malaysia and the United States for shipping. The starting price of S19j is $7,500, while that of S19 Pro is $8,000. The prices change depending on availability, shipping date and volume.

Customers can pre-order S19 XP 140 and await delivery in July 2022. Moreover, additional shipment options for S19 XP are in August and September.

We are a pro bono referral service, and our primary objective is to connect you with a reputable supplier of mining hardware at reasonable prices. We have a listing of several S19 miner options for sale. You can receive the pricing sheet upon request. If you need two miners or less, we can refer you to a trustworthy source to give you up-to-date landed pricing and availability.

Antminer S19 Pro Price

It is important to note that Antminer S19 Pro prices are subject to change. To get the current S19 inventory and price list, be sure to contact us:
• Submit our form available on our website
• Call us on 888-400-5732

We source our Antminer S19 hardware from legitimate and reliable dealers globally. We are a no-cost referral service and will get you updated quotes and send them to your email.

Many of our mining host partners provide straightforward buy/host options for S19 hardware. The options start from as little as 7.5 kWh cents. These options allow you to evade shipping costs, taxes and tariffs and automatically receive hashing at relatively lower power rates.

The buy/host option is very straightforward. You own an Antminer S19 Pro for sale but give it to a host to keep it. Once you stop mining, the host will send you back the hardware. The prices of these buy/host options are also subject to change. Please get in touch with us to get updated information about the options and quotes.

Buy Antminer S19 Pro

The following are buy/host options for different areas:


• Host S19 95TH or 110TH for $190 a month or contact us to get a quote of the buying price
• Minimum order quantity (MOQ) 1
• 12-month period
• Clients get 10% extra Terahash (Th)
• Immediate start date expected

New York

• Host S19 95TH for $190 a month or call us to know the buying price
• Host S17 60TH for $104 a month or purchase for $4,800
• MOQ 1
• 12-month period
• Immediate start date expected


• Host S19 110TH, S19 95T OR S19j 90t for $190 a month or contact us to know the buying price
• MOQ 1
• Month to month
• Immediate start date expected

Note that the availability of colocation hosting usually changes.

Managed Bitcoin Miner Hosting

Our fully managed BTC mining solution is popular among people, organizations and investment advisors because of the higher prices and shortage of miners and hosting services. The starting investment amount in the managed mining solution is $25,000.
The 100% turnkey solution suits clients who want to conduct mining without operational hindrances and problems. Common operational issues clients prefer avoiding include buying, downtime and hosting challenges. The solution helps clients avoid these problems by purchasing guaranteed Th for 36 months instead of purchasing and hosting miners. Th prices and availability fluctuate.

Guaranteed Th for 36 months

• One-time price between $34.95 and $44.95/Th
• Monthly operating cost of $1.69/Th
• 10%-15% management fee depending on volume
• 24/7 support
• Legal, tax and return on investment guidance

Pricing Example for 500Th

• One-time payment cost – ($44.95 x 500Th) = $22,475
• Monthly operating cost – ($1.69 x 500Th) = $845
• Expected yield – 2.25-2.5 BTC over 36 months

Pricing Example for 5,000Th

• One-time payment cost – ($41.95 x 5,000Th) = $209,750
• Monthly operating cost – ($1.69 x 5,000Th) = $8,450
• Expected yield – 22-25 BTC over 36 months

Pricing Example for 10,000Th

• One-time payment cost – ($38.95 x 10,000) = $389,500
• Monthly operating cost – ($1.69 x 10,000) = $16,000
• Expected yield – 44-50 BTC over 36 months

About Bitmain Antminer S19 and S19 Pro, S19 Pro+, S19 Pro HYD

Both Antminer S19 and Bitmain S19 Pro+ HYD will be premiered in May 2020. Bitmain’s Antminer S19 95TH mines SHA-256 algorithm with a 95TH/s hash rate and a power consumption of 325 watts. Antminer Pro 110TH specializes in the SHA-256 algorithm with a hash rate of 110TH/s using 3250 watts. The latter unit is relatively more expensive than the former unit because of its energy efficiency. Unlike earlier versions, Antminer S19 and S19 Pro have a new chip designed to increase efficiency. Moreover, miners have to look for cheaper electrical rates to offset the BTC’s recent increase in price to get profits.

Advantages of Antminer S19

• Produced by Bitmain, a reliable and renowned manufacturer of miner units in the industry
• Higher TH and power efficiency
• Comes with a power supply unit (PSU)

Disadvantages of Antminer S19

• Difficult to obtain in North America
• Expensive than older Bitmain Antminers
• Not yet fully tested and proven in the market

We can be of assistance if you require a Bitcoin mining hosting service for Antminer S19 Pro units. We provide host partners in the United States, Canada and European Union with rates ranging between $5-$6.5. Inclusive pricing varies from $135-$150 per unit every month. We also offer affordable hosting rates for miners. Contact us for more information.

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