2019 is the Year of the Next Bitcoin Bull Run

2019 is the Year of the Next Bitcoin Bull Run

In the latter part of 2018, you would be forgiven if you thought that cryptocurrencies were fading away. They were not as popular as they once were with many people, and they were at the bottom position they’d had in a year that had already been considered something of a slump. After the massive bull run that Bitcoin had enjoyed in 2017, 2018 was a year of reflection. However, it wasn’t necessarily time to call it quits, and those who are still in the game or who are considering getting started right now, this could be a perfect time.

What Will Cause the Bull Run?

You might be wondering just what it might be that would help to cause this bull run and the prices to go up. Once you start to look a little bit deeper, you will find that there are essentially two different factors that most consider are root causes.

First, investors are worried about the trade war between the United States and China that continues to get worse. They aren’t sure what is going to happen, and whenever there is uncertainty in the market like this, it can cause certain types of investments to go up in value. In the past, gold was often the commodity that would rise in value. However, Bitcoin has become a very popular alternative to gold. To help protect their money in the trade war, more and more people are starting to put their investment dollars into Bitcoin.

Another one of the reasons that investors see the bull run in the near future is the fact that Bitcoin halving will occur soon. This does tend to cause more momentum and excitement to build up around cryptocurrencies, and it could be what’s happening here. When the halving occurs, it means that the rewards for the miners of Bitcoin will be halved after the mining of the 420,000th block. It will be going down from 25 Bitcoins for miners per block to 12.5. This reduces the creation of new Bitcoins from where it is currently sitting at 9% down to 4% per year. Essentially, this will make the Bitcoins rarer, and that can help to push up their value.

More People Know About Bitcoin

The familiarity that has developed around Bitcoin could be another factor that helps it to grow. Bitcoin is the first of the cryptocurrencies created, and this means that people know it when they hear it, even if they don’t know what cryptocurrency is. Most people have at least heard of Bitcoin. This recognition means that more people have started looking into it and how to buy Bitcoin or mine it over the last couple of years, as well. The familiarity that has developed around Bitcoin could be another factor that helps it to grow.

What Does This Mean for You?

The time is near. The experts all believe that the next bull run of Bitcoin is just about upon us, and that means you will need to act quickly. If you are interested in cryptocurrency and how it works, you might want to start with setting up a system for mining Bitcoin, for example. You might also want to purchase Bitcoin now, just as you might do with gold, and then hold onto them until they go up in value. It could be a good option to consider, and it might just be another way that you can start to invest your money outside of the typical stock market. You just want to make sure that you do not wait too long to get started.


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