DragonMint 16T

The DragonMint 16T Miner Prepares for Mass Production

Described as the world’s most powerful Bitcoin mining tool, the DragonMint 16T miner runs at breakneck speeds and is more resistant to overheating than any of its competitors, virtually blowing them right out of the arena. The result of a solid year of dedicated research and development, it makes use of the most significant breakthroughs in mining hardware, like the all-new technology of ASIC cryptocurrency mining chips. Powered by a scant 0.075 J/GH of electricity, the DM8575 ASIC performs operations at an incredible 85GH per mining chip.

From its conception in December of 2016, the DragonMint miner has been visualized as a foundational building block for the modern Bitcoin mining market, intended to inspire new interest in the field and ramp up competition. More than 100 widely recognized technology specialists from all over the globe have brought their talents to the project, which was specifically conceived to help decentralize Bitcoin mining and revitalize the SHA-256 cryptocurrency algorithm.

With all of its essential prototyping and quality testing now completed, the DragonMint Miner is ready for production en masse. As this rollout phase approaches, connections with other technology giants are already being established to develop a broad range of merchandise using the brand-new ASIC mining chips.

In contrast to most contemporary mining tools, the design of the DragonMint was structured on more than simple simulations. A staggering $30,000,000 has gone into the complex research, prototyping, software writing and silicon chip testing to prepare it for mass release. From start to finish, the production of each miner takes roughly four months to complete. Beginning in March of 2018, Halong Mining will accept preorders for its revolutionary mining tool ans you can engage with www.minerhosting.net for your Dragonmint 16T hosting.

The budgets needed to manufacture new Bitcoin mining hardware are high, and competition in the industry is steep. Nevertheless, the nature of Bitcoin is one of healthy collaboration, and efforts are made to ensure manufacturing companies of all sizes have equal access to established miner software and board layouts in order to improve upon them. The manufacture of ASIC mining chips is a challenge all its own, prompting the need for the availability of wholesale amounts of chips to competing companies.

It takes a lot of vision, money and effort to succeed in the mining industry, and competition is fierce. Considering how long it takes to develop new equipment and put it into mass production, time is of the essence when it comes to competing against major manufacturers. As a result, the release of miner software and board designs to competitors will be postponed until the rollout set of miners is nearly ready for delivery. And because investment costs are so high and must be recouped, the specifics about Halong Mining‘s design process won’t be disclosed until delivery of the first batch is underway, which will allow the product a fair chance of success and enable the company to continue developing innovative mining technologies.

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