Ohio Mining Colocation
Ohio Mining Colocation


Crypto Mining Colocation in Ohio

Miner Hosting is one of Ohio’s most effective colocation service providers for mining cryptocurrency with ASIC and RIG technology. They offer top-tier power with surge protection, conditioned power, and 208V for each PDU.

This company offers nearly 100 percent uptime since they are located in a place that is overlapped by seven power substations. There are redundant transformers, and there are backup systems in place to protect the system even further.

There are numerous support staff for the service that will work on-site, and they can even help build mining rigs. They’ll set up the system and help maintain it as well.

The network security for the system is superb. It is connected to the internet via a BGP featuring Cogent technology, and the network itself runs on fiber cable that is privately owned.

Other similar businesses don’t offer the true support of a Tier III data center, but this is one company that does. It controls dust, humidity, power, and security on a constant basis.

The service provider has the potential to use up to 5MW between their two facilities, so there is no need to worry about any expansion needs in the future.

For the listed price, you’ll get power usage, an initial power up charge, a private VLAN for the client, and more. Additional costs are only incurred if shipping is required, machine repairs are required, or out-of-warranty service is required.

There is an insurance policy available to clients of Miner as well. It covers potential situations that could harm the system, like fire, theft, or more. Policies require adding Miner as an insured entity, and the company will allow such coverage for free if you have five or more units with them. You’ll get the same insurance coverage if you prepay your service fees for either a year or half a year.

If you feel more comfortable touring the facility in person, that can be done. All you need to do is make an appointment and bring your ID so your identity can be fully verified. A system for security is used to protect the facility, and you must be properly signed in to enter.

Remote hands are supported by the service, but the base service price published on their website only includes hardware reboots, so any other forms of remote control for system repairs will incur a fee.

Racks at the Miner facility are designed for single-phase devices that operate on 208V of power. Any 110/120V rigs can be connected with the addition of a converter to transform the power into what is needed, and the machines using such converters are placed in a dedicated rack for optimal functionality and organization.

Miner accepts a wide range of payments options, including credit cards through an online portal, cryptocurrency itself, or cash. Payments must be made online through the dedicated customer support portal.

Contact Miner through email or phone if you have questions or want to set up the use of their colocation services.


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