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While the state of Oregon might remain mostly rural, it is home to some of the nation’s most bustling cities. Portland is a prime example – it houses businesses in virtually all industries, but is seeing a significant influx of technology operations, including bitcoin miners who come for the very competitive energy rates. Oregon as a whole pays far less for energy than the national average – 8.77 cents per kWh as compared to 10.55 cents per kWh.


With that being said, cryptocurrency miners cannot succeed without additional help and support. That aid comes from Portland bitcoin mining colocation providers. Of course, finding the right provider can be a very real challenge. Thankfully, we have taken the pain out of the equation by making it simple and easy to compare your Portland bitcoin mining colocation choices.


Portland Bitcoin Mining Colocation #1: Located just off Highway 26, this mining colocation provider can offer suites, cages, rack cabinets and office space. While the facility does not host client-owned mining rigs, you can provision a dedicated server or a virtual server. You also benefit from complete redundancy in terms of power and cooling, as well as state of the art security. Rates average $90 per KW.


Portland Bitcoin Mining Colocation #2: This facility is located north of the Pearl District, just off I405. It offers rack cabinets and cages, as well as office space. You will also find N+1 power redundancy, and N+2 cooling redundancy. Rates at this bitcoin mining facility average $125 per KW.


Portland Bitcoin Mining Colocation #3: You will find this Portland bitcoin mining hosting provider on the outskirts of the city, just off Highway 26. It offers cages and rack cabinets, and you will benefit from access to multiple fiber and cable connections, as well as complete power and HVAC redundancy. Expect to pay around $100 per KW.


Portland Bitcoin Mining Colocation #4: This Portland cryptocurrency colocation provider offers suites, cages, and rack cabinets. While it does not offer office space, it provides 54,000 square feet of space outside the 500-year flood plain, and complete power and cooling redundancy (2N+1). Note that this is a carrier neutral facility, and that costs average $120 per KW.


Portland Bitcoin Mining Colocation #5: You’ll find this facility located in the heart of downtown Portland, south of the Pearl District. It offers customizable cages and rack cabinets, and provides 24/7 security, as well as power and cooling redundancy. Costs run about $110 per KW here.


As you can see, there are plenty of different Portland bitcoin mining colocation providers out there, and those listed above are just a few of them. If you’re unsure which is the best option for your needs, we invite you to contact us today for free, custom quotes based on your needs and budget. You can use the convenient form on this page to contact us.


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