Avalon 821

This tutorial is a step by step set up video for the new Cannon Avalon 821.

We will be showing you all of the products you will need, how to set it up and how to run the minor at its max hashing rate with the most efficient power consumptions.

This is the Avalon 821. It has a hashing rate of 11 terhashes per second and a power consumption of approximately 1200 watts. It is one of the most efficient minors on the market.

We are using a power supply unit with a minimum of eight plugs with a max output of 1300 watts on a 110 volt power outlet at a 93% efficiency rate. Power cord must be purchased separately.

In order for your minor to mind the correct tool, you’ll need an Avalon controller. These controllers can deploy up to 20 units.

Controllers do not come with a power adaptor. You will need to purchase this separately. Additionally, you will need to download the correct firmware, which can be accessed at Blokforge.com under our support forum.

To connect your minor to your Avalon controller, you will need an AUC3, an AUC3 cable, and a micro USB to USB cable.

A single AUC3 may connect up to five Avalon minors.

First, you’ll need to make sure your Avalon controller is set up with the correct firmware and is configured to mind to the correct pool. Then plug in your micro USB power adaptor and ethernet cable. Once completed, connect your AUC3 to your minor using the AUC3 cable and then to the controller using the micro USB to USB cable. In order to run more than one minor on a single AUC3, you’ll need an additional AUC3 cable to connect the main minor to the additional minor, then another AUC3 cable from that linked minor to the next and so on and so forth. The AUC3 will blink one in four colors, each with its own meaning. Now connect eight of the six pin plugs from your power supply unit to your minor. Remember, your power supply unit must have a max wattage output, meeting or exceeding the minor’s power consumption wattage in order for the minor to run. The power supply unit typically does not come with a power cord. Once the power supply unit is plugged in, the startup procedure begins. This may take five to 10 minutes, depending on the minor and setup.

Here you can see what the 93% efficient power supply at 117.9 volts. It is consuming 1,238 watts.

The hashing rate can be monitored here on the Avalon controller’s dashboard, which, with this set up is hashing at a steady rate of 11.44 terahashes per second, which is almost half a terahash higher than the advertised rate.

For more information, support, and tips, please visit our website at blokforge.com and join our community forum or visit canaan.io.


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