SharkMining Rigs Features

1. Shark Mining GPU rigs all support a variety of different coins. More than fifty-five GPU-mined coins are supported. Included in the list are coins like Monero, Zcash, and Ethereum.

2. Shark Mining is developing an operating system specifically for mining rigs. SharkOS is a Linux-based operating system created solely for the secure protection and efficiency of cryptocurrency mining. Right now, most of the popular mining rigs on the market use the Windows operating system. But Windows isn’t designed for cryptocurrency – it’s prone to freezing, lower mining speeds, and an unstable mining experience. This means the SharkOS design is not only innovative, but also necessary for any aspiring Bitcoin miner.

3. Shark Mining guarantees to offer the best software and hardware configurations. There are several customizable options to personalize the rig to suit your needs. A full manufacturer warranty is included in all components.

4. There’s remote control access available. You can configure your rig for remote rebooting. You can also remotely control the fan, core clocks, pool info, and memory clocks.

5. The hardware is constructed with a custom frame for better stability, durability, and airflow.

6. The Bitcoin miner hosting software is already fully configured and installed on the hardware. All you need to do is enter your online wallet’s address to get started.

7. One customizable feature is the 7-inch touchscreen interface. With a combined touchscreen and SharkOS, you can control the mining rig’s power using only your fingertips. You can also instantly customize pieces of your software. By using the screen, you’re able to see your real-time statistics on power, fan speed, and general efficiency. You don’t need any external hardware like a computer, keyboard, or mouse.

8. Shark Mining rigs all feature the technological expertise of BIZON. Shark Mining was founded by the BIZON company. BIZPN is a company which employs graphics card and workstation experts. These experts deliver cutting-edge technology in both the hardware and software fields. More than five hundred companies place their trust in BIZON, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Stanford University. Every Shark Mining rig is designed by a team of experts with more than ten years of experience.

9. The integrated modular structure allows you to seamlessly upgrade and mesh any Shark Mining rigs. This means that if you decide you want to upgrade any aspect of your rig to a higher quality model, you can do so without needing to buy an entirely new system.

Shark Mining creates the most lightweight and compact mining rigs on the market. The rig features are NVIDIA GTX based. Here are the following ways that Shark Mining rigs offer a competitive edge over other Bitcoin mining software:

Shark Mining rigs come with the following technical support guarantees:

  • Instructions are included with each unit, along with online help desk support.
  • In-house technical support is available.
  • If you send the company your wallet ID, they can pre-program your unit so that all you have to do is turn it on. You won’t even need to log in.
  • If you don’t yet have a wallet address, the rigs can be shipped using easy-to-navigate system defaults.
  • The company can help you understand and set up your mining if you aren’t sure where to start.
  • Live support is available at the 800 number Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM.
  • All available rigs come with TeamViewer. You can give company engineers access to your rigs and ability to remotely repair any problems.


Shark Mining Miners


Shark Pro 6 GPU Miner

Shark Mining GPU Mining Rig Pro 6

Shark Pro 6 GPU Miner

The Shark PRO is the most lightweight and compact Bitcoin mining rig currently available on the market. Bitcoin is an internet form of currency that has no central government or internal regulation. Instead, Bitcoin miners utilize software to solve complex math problems in exchange for bitcoins. This is the smartest way to issue Bitcoin currency.

Bitcoin mining is one of the fastest-growing ways of acquiring cryptocurrency. Mining serves two purposes:

-The creation and distribution of new Bitcoins
-The confirmation of Bitcoin transactions to keep accurate track of the currency

Every solved “block” by a Bitcoin miner rewards that miner with twenty-five extra Bitcoins.

The Shark PRO is the best Bitcoin miner on the market because of its superior speed and efficiency. Its ZCash blocks can be converted into up to $1000 a month, and its Bitcoin Gold blocks can be converted into up to $800 a month. Fifty-five other coins are available using this mining system.

You can create a custom configuration for your miner by choosing your preferred graphics card, power supply, touchscreen display, and warranty/support package.

The graphics cards currently available for use:

  • The NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics card has 8 GB of room. This card has the best efficiency.
  • For a ten percent increased hashrate plus the best efficiency, the best graphics card is the NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti with 8 GB of room. This card costs an additional $349.
  • Finally, the 1080 Ti with 11 GB of room increases profit and performance by 50-60%. Because its performance is so superior, there’s an additional price of $3,290.

There are two available power supplies. The 1200 W system is recommended for the 1070 graphics card. The 1600 W system is recommended for the other graphics cards and has an additional cost of $589.

Touchscreen display isn’t necessary, but you can add a 7-inch touchscreen for $89. The screen monitors the fan, temperature, and current mining power.

There are also two warranty and support systems. The Standard Plan includes ninety days of SharkMining’s support plus a manufacturer warranty. For an additional $199, you can purchase the Extended Plan, which gives you 180 days of SharkMining’s support plus the manufacturer warranty.

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